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Rolling processes - resource-saving surface improvement and lifetime enhancement

Our specific rolling processes are non-cutting pressure forming processes for surface improvement and service life enhancement, especially of rotary components, using specific rolling tools. Strength and service life improving effects can be achieved as well as a smoothing of surfaces which is far superior to superfinishing and strip finishing. On the one hand, the rolling processes are used on our burnishing, deep rolling and leveling machines, but they can also be integrated into our other machine types such as lathes and turning centers as well as machining centers and thus substitute downstream processes such as honing, hardening, superfinishing or bend straightening.

Finishing Rolling

Here you can see the technology Finishing Rolling

Finishing rolling is a rolling process used as a substitute for honing or superfinishing. The process is single-stage and achieves surface finishes that are superior to superfinishing or strip finishing. The process is also resource and environmentally friendly. It can be used for smoothing the running and sealing surfaces of components and for increasing corrosion resistance.

Straightening Rolling

Here you can see the technology Straightening Rolling

Straightening rolling is a rolling process used as a substitute for bending-straightening. With the dry process, rotor and gear shafts can be machined to less than 20 μm radial runout and turbine shafts to less than 5 µm. The process is extremely reliable.

Deep Rolling

Here you can see the technology Deep Rolling

Deep rolling is a rolling process for substituting hardening processes. The process increases the fatigue strength of heat-affected areas of a welded joint and radii of rotationally symmetrical components. The process is carried out dry without coolant and can be used to optimize transitions, such as increasing the bending moment of axle bearings or increasing the torsional moment of rotor shafts.

Hard and High Performance Rolling

Here you can see the technology Hard and High Performance Rolling

Hard and high-performance rolling is a rolling process for machine and drive components subjected to rolling stresses where the edge zone of a component is plastically deformed by means of a rolled body. The dry process significantly increases the service life and corrosion resistance of corresponding components. By introducing residual compressive stresses and reducing surface roughness, fatigue damage and damage due to inadequate lubrication are reduced; up to three times the service life of the components can be achieved.