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The demands placed on modern machine tools and production lines have become more and more complex. Unplanned downtimes and failures cost time, money, and trust. The goal is therefore to eliminate these as completely as possible. Forward-looking and production-adapted maintenance and servicing maintenance planning are increasingly important.

ironMIND - Know your Machine

Our in-house software and service tool ironMIND – Know your Machine provides you with an instrument that gives a detailed picture of the condition, mechanics, control system and peripherals of your machine as well as monitors several machines in automated operation (e.g. in production lines).

All collected data is available on the machine and – depending on your package – on the company‘s intranet.

Get a head start and the necessary security for your production with ironMIND – no matter if it‘s a single machine or a production line.

Technical specification

  • Guided configuration of test programs
  • Merging of test programs into job lists to save time
  • Extensive help and protection functions to support the operator
  • Included tests:
    • Synchronization test
    • Circularity test
    • Axis scan
    • Small Step Response Test
    • Frequency response analysis (via AST / Siemens, license and software version dependent)
  • Monitoring of the control status
  • Control of the operating equipment
  • Mapping of the full range of functions on the machine/plant (no network connection required)
  • Overview of all connected machines (connection to company network required)
  • Connection of external sensors possible (e.g. IFM)

Added value

  • Maintain & improve the performance of your machine
  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes
  • Improvement of machine utilization
  • Cost control through monitoring and analysis of operating resources as well as production-adapted service
  • Avoidance of machine damage
  • Longer service life of the machine
  • Everything from expert hands: mechanical testing, evaluation and assessment - if desired with the support of NSH as a machine manufacturer with many years of success.

ironMIND Interface

Available packages

ironMIND - Monitoring
  • Stand-alone module on the machines themselves
  • Status recording and cyclical reading of all requested data (alarms, channel status, levels, temperatures)
  • Fingerprint: Execution, evaluat on, monitoring of axle tests, operating resources, consumption and external sensors
ironMIND - Cockpit
  • Machine networking and management of the data of all connected machines via a central database on the user‘s intranet
  • Clear visualisation of data including chat, maintenance plan, and additional features
  • Various terminals possible
ironMIND - User Support
  • Guided, illustrated, step-by-step help with concrete problems – directly at the machine
  • Creation of auxiliary files
  • Use of multi-window technology for clear and easier operation

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Your investment

ironMIND is available from 99€/month, depending on the package and expansion level.

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