Machine Upgrades

Our sophisticated Service - Keeping your Machine up to Date

Our sophisticated machine upgrades keep your machine up to date. Be it technological adjustments, a control upgrade, or a complete overhaul of the machine hardware and software - with our upgrade products, we make your current machines fit for the future, new tasks, and upcoming challenges.

Control Upgrade

Technical developments and progress in the field of control technology are rapid and often offer enormous potential for more cost-efficient, reliable, and networked production. In addition, manufacturer support as well as necessary and safety-relevant updates are closely linked to a current control platform.

Depending on the age of the machine and the control specification, we check your machine control system for future manufacturer support and spare parts availability. In addition, we work out possibilities for modernizing and optimizing your control system to ensure and increase the efficiency, performance, and user-friendliness of your machine in the long term. In addition to retrofit planning, we take care of the determination, procurement, and replacement of all related components such as OP display and NCU, and make the necessary adjustments to software, PLC, and NC programming. As a machine manufacturer, we ensure that all adaptations are made compatible with the existing machine and drive components without any performance or functional restrictions.

Benefit from a foresighted control system upgrade before restrictions in manufacturer support occur, and use the new possibilities and advantages of more modern control systems for your production process.

Your added Value

  • Up-to-Date - Secure - User-friendly
  • Maintaining support capability and spare parts availability
  • Securing, improvement and digitalization of the production process
  • Improvement and standardization of operator friendliness, work and process safety
  • Maintaining and increasing the full performance and quality of your machine
  • Everything from a single source - complete project planning and implementation directly from the manufacturer