Our service - Worldwide

Together with our worldwide service subsidiaries and partners, we always provide our customers with fast, efficient, and reliable support for all their concerns and problems - whether for scheduled services, unforeseen breakdowns, and repairs, machine upgrades or training, and on-site support.

24/7 Hotline & Remote Service

We guarantee our customers availability and service around the clock - 24/7. With our service hotline, which is supported by qualified service personnel, and the possibility of our remote service, we can react quickly at any time in the event of malfunctions, accidents, and problems, and initiate the necessary measures to quickly bring your machine back into production.

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Spare Parts & Replacement Assemblies

Machines and systems must run - reliably and as continuously as possible. The availability of suitable spare and wear parts as well as key replacement assemblies is essential for this and is top priority for us. We ensure that you receive the required original parts quickly, accurately, and in line with your needs in the event of an emergency or even with a plannable lead time.

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On-Site Service

For specific projects, qualified on-site support by our experienced technicians is indispensable - be it the commissioning and ramp-up of new or retrofitted machines and plants, complex repairs or relocations, and relocation of machines and plants. Our experienced technicians support you with their specific expertise on site, and help to carry out each assignment as efficiently, and with as little effort as possible. 

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Machine Check-Ups

Our regular and scheduled machine check-ups help to detect and eliminate minor defects at an early stage and prevent major damage or unplanned downtime. Together, we ensure that the functionality, safety, and performance of your machines and systems are maintained in the long term and that damage-related follow-up costs and downtimes are prevented.

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Machine Upgrades

Our sophisticated machine upgrades keep your machine up to date. Be it technological adjustments, a control upgrade, or a complete overhaul of the machine hardware and software - with our upgrade products, we make your current machines fit for the future, new tasks, and upcoming challenges.

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Modern machines and systems are increasingly complex and digital. The correct and routine handling of the machines is therefore immensely important for a smooth and efficient production process. With our training and educational offerings individually tailored to the existing prior knowledge as individual or group format, we provide you with the necessary expertise as well as exclusive practical recommendations directly from the manufacturer, and at the same time increase the motivation and enthusiasm of your employees. All training courses can be designed as group or individual training courses and are oriented in their depth and detail to the existing previous knowledge of your employees. Furthermore, we can conduct the trainings directly at your site as well as at the NSH locations.

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Digital Solutions

The demands placed on modern machine tools and production lines have become more and more complex. Unplanned downtimes and failures cost time, money, and trust. The goal is therefore to eliminate these as completely as possible. Forward-looking and production-adapted maintenance and servicing maintenance planning are increasingly important.

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