Loading & Automation

Gantry Loading - Speed, Reliability & Dynamics in Workpiece Handling

Efficient gantry loading and machine networking is indispensable in highly automated, modern production lines to ensure cycle time efficient and low-operator production. The NSH Group offers you customized solutions specifically designed for your range of components and precisely matched to your production environment. Dynamics and flexibility are just as important as safety and stability.

Line and area gantries

Our gantry series RP10 to RP 2500 stands for highest stability and speed in single machine and line automation, cell automation and loading and unloading of machine tools. Equipped with customized and workpiece-specific gripper components, workpieces between 10kg and 2700 kg can be reliably transported. Travel speeds range from 1.5-4.5 m/s² in X and 0.75 - 3 m/s² in Y. For smaller, lighter components, acceleration of up to 8m/s² and thus extremely high dynamics can also be achieved. The X-axis can be designed up to 10m without intermediate supports or 100m with intermediate supports, depending on the size of the gantry.


  • Machine Building
  • Railway
  • Automotive
  • Aviation

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