Machine Check-Up's

Our Routine Service - for a longer Machine Service Life.

Our regular and scheduled machine check-ups help to detect and eliminate minor defects at an early stage and prevent major damage or unplanned downtime. Together, we ensure that the functionality, safety, and performance of your machines and systems are maintained in the long term and that damage-related follow-up costs and downtimes are prevented.

Geometry Check

We check the static machine geometry of your machine with experience and specific to the model, as well as the tool holders by means of an infeed force measuring device and the chuck clamping force by means of a load cell. Based on all data, we create a detailed geometry protocol for your machine together with you and can thus detect and correct deviations at an early stage. Based on the sound expertise of our service technicians, we can make recommendations on necessary adjustments or, if necessary, correct the machine geometry from scratch.

Your added Value

  • Dimensional accuracy - Precision - Scrap prevention
  • Preventive geometry inspection for early detection of deviations
  • Assurance of dimensional accuracy of workpieces and reduction of dimensional problems
  • Maintaining the full performance of your NSH Group machine
  • Reduction of downtimes through production-adapted planning of necessary correction work