Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct of the NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT Group

NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT GmbH (NSH) is the management company of the NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT Group. The principles laid down in this Code of Conduct apply in all companies of our group.

Code of Conduct

The NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT GmbH (NSH) is the managing holding company in the NSH group. The principles described here apply to all the companies in our group. Additional information can be found on your company’s own in-formation platform. All employees in the NSH group are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and abiding by the principles of this Code of Conduct. This is the only way to guarantee that we can all meet the high standards we set for ourselves. Should you have questions, do not hesitate to contact your supervisor or the Human Resources department. This Code of Conduct goes beyonde mere compliance with rules and regulations. The Code expresses our commitment to conduct our business in a morally and ethically sound way, with integrity and respect for the rights of others. These principles represent sustainable success in an ever-changing world. I would like to thanl all employees for their personal contribution to allowing our companies to fulfill the obligations we impose on ourselves through this Code of Conduct every day. In this way, we protect our sterling reputation – one of the most valuable things, along-side quality and reliability, that we must preserve the business world.

Individual Responsibility

The top priority for all of us is the individual’s responsibility for the success and continued existence of both the company and the group. We are all members of the NSH group. Mutual respect, support at work, and careful use of communication, machines, equipment, and the work environment as a whole safeguard the success of our work. Every employee is also expected to use confidential information in a responsible manner, to follow rules and regulations, and to maintain ethical and moral principles. In sum, this means that we:

  • carefully handle and use the goods and commodities entrusted to us, 
  • make professional use of the means of communication,
  • maintain necessary confidentiality,
  • respect the rights of third parties,
  • respect and abide by the laws and, above all, prevent money laundering and bribery, 
  • gain our business partners’ trust through our credibility


Our good reputation is one of the most essential conditions on which our group’s success is based. In addition to our spirit of innovation and our products’ reliability, our integrity forms the foundation of that reputation. For this reason, we do everything we can to bolster our reputation with every business partner every day. As a consequence:

  • we take a dim view of gifts and courtesies that exceed a small recognition,
  • bribery has no part of our group, 
  • we constantly strive for innovation and reliability, 
  • we safeguard the quality of our products, 
  • we build trust based on performance and punctuality


We acknowledge our employees’ actions that lead to our success.

The NSH group includes people of diverse nationalities, with different mindsets and views and a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. We respect the contribution of each individual and regard this diversity as an important contribution to corporate success. Observance of the rules of integrity and courtesy, respectful interaction and communication are also appreciated by our business partners:

  • we are open and fair in mutual interactions and communication, 
  • we respect privacy, 
  • we are open to diversity.

We recognize our social responsibilities.

In the NSH group, we maintain the principle of taking responsibility for the community. Consequently:

  • we are active members of our organizations/communities, 
  • we promote the sustainability of our work, 
  • we take action for environmental protection.

We motivate our employees of our group to engage in public life, thereby contributing to general recognition of our Code of Conduct.