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The NSH Group  (NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT GmbH) is an international machine tool manufacturing group with seven manufacturing subsidiaries and a large number of sales and service locations on six continents. Its business activities are focused on research, development, manufacturing, and sales of machine tools with the goal of producing equipment of the highest quality, innovation, and energy efficiency.

The NSH Group designs and manufactures a wide machine range of machining centers, horizontal, and vertical lathes, 5-axle milling centers, grinding, and rolling machines, automation solutions as well as special purpose machines for the railway and automotive sector. In addition, it is one of the world's leading suppliers of turnkey solutions for the design and implementation of entire production lines and cells.

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Custom-fit Individual Machines for every Application

Do you want to replace individual machines in your facility or expand your manufacturing capacities? What you need are machines perfectly matched to your machining processes and workpieces that simply get the job done - whether coarse with high metal removal rates or fine with maximum precision. The NSH Group offers an extensive machine portfolio in metal-cutting production to fulfill exactly these goals - from vertical and horizontal turning machines and centers, to multifunction milling and turning-milling-boring machining centers, to rolling machines, and grinding machines in various sizes. In addition, our portfolio includes efficiently optimized specialized and custom machines for specific applications in the railway and automotive sectors.


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From Greenfield to Turnkey Plant

Would you like to renew your production or individual sections in a complex way and install automated cells or complete production lines for this purpose from a single source? The NSH Group is your leading global partner when it comes to planning, designing, and implementing complex turnkey production lines, and cells with a high proportion of in-house machine know-how. Benefit from our many years of experience in project management of complex plants and lines - from layout and equipment planning, procurement, or manufacturing, to logistics, installation, integration, and service support. You receive all of these services from a single source. Together with you, we implement your visions of modern production - from the idea to the turnkey plant.


Here you can see a NSH Turnkey Railway Line

Your Partner for the Implementation of your Visions

The requirements for modern production in constantly changing value chains are becoming increasingly complex. New materials, energy and resource conservation, and digitalization are just a few of the drivers that are forcing producers to constantly re-evaluate and optimize their processes. This requires the development of new processes, technologies, and materials, entirely new product ranges, or efficient process combinations. We, as an experienced machine and system supplier, are available as your partner for joint new developments and test series. Thanks to our strong networking with universities, and research institutes, suppliers, and partners from industry and commerce, and our in-house engineering expertise, we can pursue ideas and approaches together with you, investigate them and develop them through to prototyping and readiness for use.


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One Group - All Services

The NSH Group offers you unique service for your machines and plants - around the clock and around the world. With our numerous own service branches and partners on six continents as well as advanced digital solutions and remote support, we are always there for your - our customer.

  • 24/7 Hotline and Remote Service
  • Spare Parts and Replacement Assemblies
  • Machine Check-Ups and Upgrades
  • On-Site Services
  • Training
  • Digital and Financing


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Workpieces of all dimensions

The NSH Group is a system provider for all requirements in the field of metalworking processes. This includes solutions for an extremely wide range of workpiece dimensions. With our different sizes and machine concepts, we can securely clamp components of diverse sizes, geometries, and weights, as well as to machine them multidimensionally and multifunctionally. The spectrum ranges from filigree gear wheels or bearing sleeves of a few centimeters and grams to 9-meter-long shaft or steel parts weighing several tons, such as hydraulic components, large crankshafts, columns, and other heavy-duty parts. In addition, we can reliably machine disk-shaped workpieces, as well as rotationally symmetrical shaft parts, and free-forms. With our specialized machines we can to machine workpieces with more unusual shapes such as railway wheels in installed condition, gas bottle necks, and brake disks.

Workpieces of all materials

The NSH Group stands for efficiency and versatility in the machining of your workpieces - also in the range of machinable materials. With our extensive portfolio of machines and technologies, we provide economical processes for the machining of almost all machinable materials. The spectrum ranges from plastics or aluminum, simple or hardened steels, cast iron, and alloys, to high-strength materials, and special or super alloys such as titanium, Inconel 718, or Rene 41, and Rene 65. Quality and surface finish are always our top priority for both simple and complex materials. Processes and machine configuration are always optimized to ensure the best results.

Workpieces of all Industries

The NSH Group stands ready as a partner for customers in all branches of industry. With our broad experience in the field of machine tools and specialized machines for industrial production, we process your specific workpieces from all sectors in a reliable manner. These include workpieces from the mobility sectors of railway and metro, such as wheelsets, and axles; aerospace, such as turbine, and landing leg components; and the automotive sector, both for classic components such as chassis parts, conventional engine, and transmission components, and for parts of alternative drives for e-mobility or the hydrogen sector. In addition to the mobility-oriented industries, we are also a strong partner for all applications of classical mechanical engineering and engineering, be it for parts and contract manufactures, producers in the field of process engineering, manufacturers of equipment for the oil and gas industry, as well as energy production from renewable sources such as wind and hydro power.


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And Action! – We proudly present: The new NILES-SIMMONS Success-Story about the customer GEA Westfalia

Together with the film team of our video partner Video Vision, we had the pleasure to look behind the scenes of the happenings at the GEA Westfalia Seperator Group at the company location in Oelde.


And Action! - We proudly present: Stanray M-Series Wheel Truing Machines in 3D

Recently, a 3D animation showcasing Stanray® M-Series Wheel Truing Machines and Stanray's robust milling machining technology has been added to the YouTube channel of our subsidiary NSH USA.