On-Site Service

Our On-Site Support - Hand-in-Hand with you

For specific projects, qualified on-site support by our experienced technicians is indispensable - be it the commissioning and ramp-up of new or retrofitted machines and plants, complex repairs or relocations of machines and plants. Our experienced technicians support you with their specific expertise on site, and help to carry out each assignment as efficiently, and with as little effort as possible. 


We provide qualified repairs of all components of our NSH Group machines by our trained specialists. Due to our detailed operation planning in advance of each operation, including the determination and procurement of required spare parts as well as our worldwide fast response times, we can reduce repair and downtimes to a minimum. Even complicated repairs of critical assemblies can often be carried out directly on your premises without the need to send in the components

Your added Value

  • Worldwide - Fast - Experienced
  • Qualified repair of all NSH Group machines by qualified personnel worldwide
  • Faster repair of accidents and malfunctions due to routine procedures and best operational planning in advance
  • Maintenance contracts for faster response times and your best possible performance