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Substitution of grinding processes in crankshaft machining – NILES-SIMMONS brand of the NSH Group introduces new technology hard milling

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Kamm, Dipl.-Ing. Eric Reinwarth, NILES-SIMMONS Brand of the NSH Group

In today’s market place, the most important driving forces in the field of automotive industry are sustainability, resource conservation and economic efficiency. These trends do not only drive the development of new innovative technologies and final configurations for new products, but also push the ever-increasing requirements of the manufacturers to find new cost-efficient manufacturing concepts for the production of the existing components in production.

In order to meet these market requirements, NILES-SIMMONS have developed the new technology “hard milling” for the machining of hardened crankshafts for truck‑, construction machinery- and agricultural machinery engines.

This technology allows for the substitution of a grinding process for machining of large crankshafts by the implementation of an efficient milling process. In turn, the enormous pre- grinding efforts, which had been required for machining of crankshafts after hardening is removed and the preparation for the finish grinding process is perfectly controlled to reduce finishing requirements to a minimum.