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Reprofiling: Underfloor machining of wheelsets by NSH subsidiary HEGENSCHEIDT-MFD

We were guests at the Karlsruher Verkehrsbetriebe. As a customer of our subsidiary HEGENSCHEIDT-MFD, they use the U2000-400 underfloor machine for wheelset machining.

The modern underfloor wheelset lathe not only meets all currently known work and accuracy requirements, but its overall design is also geared to future developments.

The U2000-400 is a universally usable, dynamically rigid and particularly operator- and service-friendly wheelset lathe. It represents the current state of the art in wheelset machining technology. The machine guarantees optimum cost-effectiveness thanks to its high degree of utilization, precision, long service life and low maintenance costs.

CNC-controlled HEGENSCHEIDT-MFD underfloor wheelset lathes are used to reprofile wheelsets of high-speed trains of the railway as well as wheelsets of local trains in mounted and dismounted condition with highest accuracy.

The machine is operated from a central control panel so that the operator has constant access to all machine functions in an optimum working position. The operator is safely protected against flying chips during machining. The automatic machining system relieves him of much of the workload and thus enables easy operation of the machine.

A U2000-400D tandem version is also available for simultaneous machining of wheelsets in bogies with mechanically uncoupled axles. The new patented double tandem U2000-400Q enables simultaneous machining of two bogies.