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Our new video about the TOTAL WHEELSET MANAGEMENT system. 

Increasing operational requirements and legal framework conditions demand secure and seamless monitoring of fleets and efficient maintenance planning. The TWM-Total Wheelset Management software developed by HEGENSCHEIDT-MFD supports maintenance companies in maintaining a complete overview of data management, maintenance planning and control of all wheelset-related maintenance processes.

TWM is the digital basis for all wheelsets of rail vehicles and complete fleets, regardless of your company size and complexity. A modular software structure makes TWM extremely flexible, so that not only additional modules can be integrated or exchanged, but also customer-specific extensions are possible.


▪ Increasing the fl eet performance – minimising the maintenance costs

  • Data-based TWM maintenance significantly increases the runtime of your wheelsets
  • Optimising the planning of maintenance work in a more targeted manner with TWM
  • Designing personnel deployment and energy savings in a well-founded manner
  • Processing machines, diagnostic systems and TWM from a single source
  • More efficient processing and accurate, data-based forecasting of future maintenance

▪ Increasing safety

  • Overview of all wheelset states
  • Detecting defects in time
  • Identi fying risks of damage
  • Better fulfilment of legal requirements
  • Quality assurance and traceability of all data

▪ Cost reduction

  • Reducing wheelset-related costs
  • Optimising the planning of maintenance work
  • Optimising warehousing and logistics